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Pop Music Makes Me Go Insane
Pop Music Makes Me Go Insane
oil on canvas
12" x 10"

Thanks to Sylvan Esso for the title.


Once I stood at a window in the MET
and looked out onto Central Park.
People walked by holding hands
snow falling in slow motion.
I turn to my right and stare
into the mouth of a great white shark
floating magically in a tank.
I am in the world and outside of the world
simply by shifting my gaze.

In Chicago two lions stand guard
over big marble steps.
Inside the grand museum are more stone stairs
worn smooth
by millions of foot steps that lead
to a large gallery
filled with natural light.
In the corner a painting
in a gold frame
of a white bowl
with nineteen not quite round
red and green apples
on a table
covered with a blue patterned cloth
before a yellow ocher wall
painted yellow like thickly applied plaster.
Cezanne’s paint
well over one hundred years old
looks like freshly milled earth.
The back edge of the table dips
down in the corner.
R. Kooyman 2019