Richard Kooyman

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Several months ago I began publishing essays on Substack that focus on my thoughts about art and the power of beauty in our lives. Called On Beauty it is free to subscribe here

2024 Schedule periodically updated

||Kim Storage Gallery|opening March 2024 with a group exhibition

July 6th-7th Onekama Open Studio Tour (Snake Around the Lake)
This will be the first occasion that Melanie Parke's and my new studios will be open to the public. We look forward to seeing you.
times and artists locations to follow

Fall of 2024 Melanie Parke and Richard Kooyman New Work Anne Louckes Gallery, Glen Coe, Illinois

Why do I make paintings?
Fleeting visual phenomena along the Lake Michigan shoreline and deep within its forests fuels ideas for my paintings.
How the sun sparkles at the edge of a wood, or the sun or moon reflects light on the water, are occurrences I find compelling. They point to something in nature that is bigger than me.

I like simple and direct brushstrokes in my work. I’m striving for temperate colors and brushwork that connect emotionally to a place and time. My process is both visceral and somewhat intuitive. I like to think of my paintings as things that can hold energy and from which you can go and receive that energy back.

I make paintings because I believe it is still one of the most important personal, social, and political acts a person can do.